Me, Myself and I

Hi! My name is Tanja and I am an artist, illustrator and art mediator based in Amsterdam.

I weave colour, stories and knowledge into my world and this feeds into what I make. By bringing research and symbolic imagery into my work, I am able to incorporate a piece of me into my work, as well as hopefully contributing to making my world a more joyous place. Nature, folklore, surrealism and satire are reoccurring themes in my projects, and I love to play with the funny idiosyncrasies and oddities of life and language. My ultimate aim is to create some light and colour for others through my work.

With community building and knowledge exchanges I make worlds around me bigger and smaller simultaneously. I love to facilitate this with creative salons and workshops.

So, if you’re interested in creating something beautiful with me you can either check out my workshops, or if you have an idea for a commission or a project, you can check out my portfolio.